Sussex Police are using ‘big data’ to turn millions of records of phone calls, crimes, investigations and court trials into a tool to drive productivity and make people safer. It will enable officers to predict trends, identify serial offenders, study crime hotspots and devote more time to victims.

In an article recently published in the Times, Chief Constable Jo Shiner stated that whilst people argue that there should be more police officers on the beat, the use of data analytics will help make better decisions on where that visibility should be.

Chief Constable Jo Shiner will be giving a Zoom presentation to member councils across Sussex on the use of ‘big data’. The presentation is taking place on Friday 25th February 2022 at 1.30pm and you are invited to send one representative from your Council, either Clerk or a Councillor.

If you or a Councillor would like to attend then please could you let Emily know their name and contact email on