TfSE are delighted to introduce their draft Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) for South East England. This plan provides a framework for investment in strategic transport infrastructure, services and regulatory interventions in the coming three decades. Have your say by clicking on the link at the bottom.

This £45 billion plan is the culmination of five years of technical work, stakeholder engagement and institutional development. It sets out the steps to decarbonise the transport system across the region, level-up left-behind communities and facilitate sustainable economic growth in the South East. Collectively we know a better transport network can affect profound change – connecting people with jobs and training, helping businesses reach markets, bringing family and friends closer together. It can unlock new housing and jobs and help cut carbon emissions. That’s why investing in transport is not an end in itself. It is an investment in people, in business, in our environment and our shared future. Together we’re dedicated to creating an integrated and sustainable transport system that makes the South East more productive, competitive, protects our natural environment and improves quality of life. Please participate in the consultation and share the details with your colleagues and networks. TfSE would like to hear from anyone who lives, works, travels through or visits the South East region.